Model Submission

Instagram Model/Photographer Admission

Congratulations for becoming a successful candidate of our model search!

This page will provide useful information so please bookmark it or keep a link to it in your email or notes.

You will receive 1 on 1 guidance with us via email where you may ask any questions and we can collaborate on the types of photos we seem fit to match our store.

Model Admission Terms

Now that you're a successful candidate for our model search, please read these rules and decide whether you would like to continue with us.

 Please do not continue unless you have the maturity to work with us professionally.

 Only models that have been officially accepted by us should fill in this form. All random applications will be disregarded. 

 All models need to sign up for an account on our site and enter their shipping information. This is where we will send your item.

 We will send you items in exchange for photographs of them (or of you modelling them). These photographs must be at a reasonable resolution and emailed to us.

 Once you send us your photos, we will be allowed to use them for our site content and promotional usage. If for any reason you want them removed or parts of it removed (for e.g. you want your face to be covered in the future) please contact us and we can sort something out.

 Models need to stay in contact with us (for example if we contact you and we receive no update or reply for a reasonable amount of time - yet you are active on your social media) we will remove you from our search and store.

 If you receive an item from us and do not contact us or steal the item, we have the right to pursue legal action against you or ban and defame you from our store. We do not support theft or fraud at any level.

 When our marketing budget allows, we will contact trustworthy and talented models again to continue working with us (if they want).

 It is solely our decision to decide if we will, and if so, how many and which items we will send to our promoters and models.

 Our terms can be changed at any time. It is your duty to come back to this page if you are unsure of anything or if you need to keep up to date.


If you agree with the terms above please follow the following:

  1. Make sure you have signed up for an account and entered your shipping details on our site.
  2. Click on the button below and fill out the form
  3. Get ready to snap some amazing photos for us!